Ways in Which You Can Get Tax Deductions on Business Trips

Traveling for Business Again? What Expenses are Tax Deductible? | ClarkSilva Certified Public Accountants & Advisors

Introduction – 

There are many benefits of having a small business & being a small business owner. Plus, you can also take the advantage of tax deductions, including writing off a business trip or vacation. Besides all of that, it is very important for you to understand that the trip or a vacation that you are going on, needs to be a business trip if you want to take the tax advantage. The main purpose of writing off your trip and being eligible for tax deductions is to know the key element, that its main purpose is that it is a business trip. Also, you can check here, can i write off a vacation as a business expense & broaden your horizons on the same. 

As Per the IRS – 

Besides all of that, as per the IRS, the writing off means something that is common and accepted in business. Besides, all of that, it is an expense that is helpful and needed for your business. Also, you should know about some of the common business activities which needs travel. The first and the foremost business activity that needs travel is attending a convention or a seminar. You can check your calendar and find out whether there is any convention or a seminar that you need to attend and mark it, and after the traveling keep all the bills, plane tickets, hotel & food bill ready.

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Business Travel Activities – 

Meeting with potential customers, business partners and business clients during the travel is also, one for of business travel activities. All you need is certain proofs and papers and bills, that shows that you have travelled for business purpose. Apart from that, meeting with vendors is also one form of business travel activity and other activities include, conducting business research. Conducting business research is something that sounds out of the box. But for tax deductions, you need to have a proof, like a letter from the manager or the CEO, allowing you to do research, plane tickets, hotel bills, and food bills and so on. Your reasons for travel on business research needs to be justified during an IRS audit. 

Tax Deductible Expenses in Business Travel – 

Some of the business expenses that are tax deductible are plane tickets, rental cars, taxi and other transportation expenses, gas, conventions, seminars, employee expenses, research expenses, meals, hotel rooms and accommodation expenses, and business activities in which you spend the money. The best thing that you can do is to pay all of these expenses using a business bank account and not from your personal account, as this can cause problems amalgamations of expenses, your savings and business expenses and so on. You can still get tax deductions, even if you spend from your personal expenses.

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